NYC VR Snowglobe

An immersive web-based virtual reality snow globe that takes you around the city from multiple perspectives.

  • Role

    Design, Development, 3D Modeling

  • Agency


  • Background

    This experience was created as part of an annual interactive series that Ronik creates for the new year. It was our first attempt to venture into the world of web-based virtual reality. I developed the entire experience using the A-Frame javascript framework, while my creative director art directed and created most of the 3D models. The concept was a collaboration effort by the whole team.

  • Content-managed Virtual Reality

    The beauty of WebVR is that you can integrate it with any existing web technology, including content management systems. We built this project with TakeShape which allowed us to control many aspects of the scene including light colors, light intensity, rotation speed, blimp speed, and more without touching any code.

  • Results

    Our experience has been featured on the A-Frame homepage, and remains one of the most popular projects using the framework. The Mozilla team has adapted it for an augmented reality demo as well.

  • How We Built a VR Snow Globe

    Get a behind the scenes view of how it was made.

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