Village is a support network for the friends and family of an individual struggling with substance use. “It takes a Village” to overcome addiction—and friends and family make up that village.

  • For

    Human Ventures

  • Role

    Visual Design

  • Agency


  • Background

    Human Ventures approached Ronik with a product outline, preliminary user research, an app prototype, and a 6 week timeline to design their product and marketing site from scratch. I worked primarily during later stages of the design process, providing guidelines and frameworks for Ronik's other designers to ensure the product had a consistent visual language.

  • The Challenge

    There are many resources for those enduring substance addiction, but what about their support network? Village provides resources for those involved who may be feeling lost or helpless. It features two tools: a content library with lessons on how to cope and a chat system for family members and professional specialists.

  • Brand Identity

    I created style tiles to explore the general look and feel of the brand identity. We were aiming for a welcoming and supportive brand—achieved with a warm subdued color scheme, rounded/geometric typography, and a simplistic illustration style.

  • A style tile I created during the exploratory phase. Ultimately deemed too clinical/cold for the brand. Illustration by Zahidul Islam.
  • Pattern Library

    Once the branding was established, I created a pattern library for the rest of the team to use during the visual design phase. This allowed for many designers to work at the same time while retaining a consistent look and feel.

  • Visual Design

    Village's product consists of three main components: the content library, the chat, and onboarding. I worked on the content library portion, which is where users learn about how to cope with different situations.

    We provided the client with a tool kit of interface components so they could create a vast library of content.
    Two iterations of the library. Illustrations were used as placeholders/inspiration.
    Each chapter had its own color scheme to give users a sense of progression.
    I also worked on visual design for the onboarding process. Most illustrations for the brand were created by an artist contracted by Human Ventures.