Smashcut is an online film school dedicated to increasing access to an affordable film education, and supporting a broad population of emerging film students.

  • Role

    Visual Design

  • Agency


  • Background

    Smashcut is a place for students to learn all things video—so we needed to design a platform that accommodates that. Ronik worked with Smashcut on a retainer basis to help design the branding and MVP of their product. Typically Smashcut would provide sketches and spec documents for us to turn into high fidelity designs. I worked on product design and marketing tasks.

  • Syllabus View

    I designed the syllabus view for the app, which needs to inform the user of what lessons have been done, what should be done next, and what hasn't been unlocked yet.

  • Marketing Site

    I designed the marketing site, along with motion graphics that illustrate how the product is used.

  • Emails & Social Assets