Have you ever wondered how many people nearby are taking photos of the same event as you? What if you could have access to those photos? Blurr unlocks those possibilities.

  • Role

    UX, Visual Design

  • Agency


  • Background

    The Blurr team approached Scout with a set of wireframes, branding elements, and a plan to become the up-and-coming app on Northeastern's campus. I was on a team with two other designers to help them achieve their goal. I worked primarily on the wireframing, prototyping, and visual design phases but I also iterated on branding elements.

  • The Problem

    The Blurr team had a persistent problem: every time they'd have a party, those who attended would want to see photos from the event. But dozens of people took photos at the party and it'd be a chore to collect them all from individuals. Using Blurr, everyone within a certain distance could have access to photos being taken in real time, removing the effort needed to collect them at the end.

  • Personas

    Before we put any kind of screens together, we wanted to determine what kind of people would be using this app. We divided them into three categories: active users (uploaders), passive users (viewers), and hosts (moderators).

  • Wireframing

    The main challenge around wireframing this product revolved around privacy. We had created multiple flows with various levels of access to photo streams. Ultimately the final product was quite open to allow for widespread user adoption.

  • Prototypes

    I led the team's effort on creating an app prototype using Flinto that the client could use to get an understanding of user flows. While creating this, we discovered and solved issues with accessing tertiary menus. This was the foundation for the high fidelity prototype that the Blurr team used for presenting to potential investors.

  • Visual Design

    The app's visual design followed iOS design principles to make it feel familiar for users on the platform. We used standard interface elements whenever possible, deviating only to brand the experience.